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Tsagaan Lavai Ensemble has more than 50 professional artists who create folk artworks and cultural heritage creations. In addition, its a professional art organization that manages a variety of cultural and artistic entertainment services and operates regularly in the four seasons of the year.


The organization created many job opportunities in the cultural and artistic sector of Mongolia and the cultural tourism program has been successfully implemented since 2018. Consequently, it is the only professional art ensemble that provides folk art performances and entertainment for tourists and works consistently even in the winter season.




Tsagaan Lavai Ensemble special features



  • Comfortable environment for theater and art — the large concert hall of Gan Zam Palace with 350 seats
  • Preserved performance — at the request of the customer or audience, it is possible to perform a full-length folk art performance of 20-60 minutes by choosing the program and length.
  • Unique service to welcome the audience-Mongolian traditional customs play and Violin Quartet
  • Coffee shop service, Mongolian traditional accommodation ger- Airag ger






Tsagaan Lavai Ensemble is an ensemble with more than 50 professional artists with 3 main departments: Administration Department, Dance Department, Music and Song Department.»



Уран бүтээлчид

Цагаан лавай чуулга нь Захиргаа алба, Бүжиг алба, Хөгжим, дуу алба гэсэн үндсэн3 албатай 50 гаруй мэргэжлийн уран бүтээлчидтэй чуулга юм.

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